Business activities

  • Manufacturing, Trading chemical reagent chemicals for laboratory
  • Trading industrial chemical for waterwater treatment, supply water, plating, mining, additive for food,feed….
  • Chemical technology ,science reseachs supporty for life
  • Tools ,equipments,producs of chemistry for laboratory
  • Recycling metal waste
  • Trading with chemicals,tools,equipments and machines in chemical industry
  • Trading with metal excluding gold
  • Providing transport service
  • Trading in real estate

Presentation Company

Since our company was established, Vietnam chemical new technology.,JSC has become an enterprise specilising in producing pure chemical products in comformity with pure chemical standard of Viet Nam.Our chemical products from first-class pure chemical companies in the world include chemical reagent of China,Merck of Western Germany,Prolabo of France,Lobachem of India…More than 60% of our staff have an official university-graduate and 50% of them ….

We are supplying instruments & glass for lab,

We’re supplying, technical chemical products use in plating, galzvaning, f eed additive , food additive, f armaceutical, t extile, sugar refinery,  supply water, wasterwater treatment, pulp&paper, solvent, paint…….

In Sep 2008 We are sold agent of YAMAICHI product as:

  • Barrier Guard Part II, Supple mist (Non-colored, spray 420ml, packages of 24 cans): Long-term effective liquid –type vaporizable rust preventive.
  • EO Cleaner, EO Cleaner – C (steel drum 18L): Heavy-duty degreasing detergent. DXCleaner : New type of vaporizable rust preventive (spray 420ml)
  • NS 1001 (500g),YC Grease : High-performance fluorine grease leaving no oil stains on molded articles,
  • HIDEPO: Gas and pitch remover (spray 420ml)
  • Sepaluck: Mold release agent (spray 420ml)
  • ZClean S60: high performance purge agent for an advanced plastic molding machine (25kg/bag)

VCNT acts with modern industrial management manners, applies experiences and advance technologies from developed countries. VCNT is equipped with all research facilities to sets up and apply new technologies into the processing to create the best products for Customers.

VCNT – The professional supplier in design, plan, technical, execute and manage all of project in different industries.

+ To set-up Envronmental Impact Assessment(EIA) report.
+ To build envronmental monitoring program.
+ To consult cleaner production technology.
+ To transfer envronmental technology.
+ To consult budget source for invertment of environmental protection.
+ To design air industrial pollution treatment plant(air, dust, VOC, noise).
+ To design monicipal solid waste, industrial and hazadous waste treatments.
+ To design domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
+ To design water treament plant for domestric and industrial users(iron removal, softerning, demineralization, boiler water treatment).
+ To consult technology and management of rural sanitation.

Construction, Installation & Maintenace

+ Domestic and industrial wasterwater treatment plants.
+ Water treatment plants for domestic and industrial users.
+ Industrial polluted air treatment systems.
+ Rural sanitation works (septic tank, aqua-tank, stabilization ponds, constructed wetland, land treatment, etc.).

VCNT-  with knowledge, experience and know-how its have the honour to take care your project with the best of cost-effective, aesthetic and long-life sustainability. 

. We are glad to being of effect to you!